Mary Button Durell and Vanesa Gingold

Space 151, San Francisco CA

July - August 2017

"Like bees to a hive, Gingold and Durell explore and work tirelessly with paper, pushing the boundaries of physics with an expansive approach towards building organic structures. The resulting works unveil a complexity and beauty that mimics nature’s delicacy and abundance. ...

From these organic creations comes a new and expanded understanding of the connection between and importance of humanity and the universe. Seeking out the similarities between clusters of cells and groupings of galaxies or city maps and capillaries running through enervated tissue, both artists demonstrate the striking similarities of the systems that sustain us from the macro to the micro level. The fragile balance and harmony that emanates from each piece is grounded in the vulnerability, natural growth and endless expansion of not only natural materials, but of the artists themselves."